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This page is here to show potential donors and contributors that Male Abuse Awareness is an important cause and that it should continue unabated.  The only way to evaluate the effectiveness of the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign, and its efforts to help young men and boys who have or are experiencing some type of abuse, is by having YOU come and leave your opinions here at this site.  We also welcome the opinions of supporters of this cause.  Please answer one, any, or all of the questions in the comment section below.

Was the site helpful?

Did the site inspire you to report or think about reporting your abuser?

Did the site inspire you to report a case of child abuse that has not been reported?

Did the site inspire you to report an abuser that hurt you in the past (even though your statute of limitations date has passed) but has potential to hurt someone in the present day?

Did the site inspire you to seek help for your own past abuse?

Did the site inspire you to encourage a young guy that you know who was or is being abused to check out the site, in the hope that he will eventually seek help?

Did the site inspire you to volunteer to help the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign that is held every December 1st through 8th?

Did the site inspire you to donate services or monies to the cause to help young males?

If you run or work for an Abuse Victim Service Provider Organization, did the site inspire you to encourage your organization to develop and provide confidential, specialized services to these particular victims?

Did this site change your opinion about the “taboo” subject of males being abused?

Was the site effective, in general, in serving its purpose: to encourage abused young males to seek help early before they go down the destructive paths in life that abuse can create, as well as to inspire more organizations to reach out and help these special victims of abuse?

If you come across news articles, videos, or any interesting information on this subject, please send those and any ideas you may have to help this site and cause to

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting a great cause! PL

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boobs said:   July 28, 2011 11:46 am PST

Rev Darrell said:   February 11, 2011 9:58 am PST
Thanks for keeping this cause alive.

REV Darrell said:   December 12, 2010 10:04 pm PST
This site helps to keep me focused on this great cause. Thanks to Petra and the PLF for the tremendous awareness campaigns on male abuse. But especially to Petra and something she said that made it all click in my head. Petra told me that I must address my past abuse issues in order to be an effective advocate for the abused. I was severly depressed at the time, and little did I realize that I had supressed the feelings and emotions associated with my past abuses and bullying. I've heard of supressed memories, but I was well aware of the events in my childhood; but had disconnected my feelings from those times; when I was severely beaten many times over...all of the rage, anger, frustrations, etc...they became guilt, low self-esteem, doubts, confusion, depression, etc. Some victims of child abuse explode, and some implode, I imploded, was on a serious path of self-destruction. I attempted suicide twice at the age of 14, became a cutter, and tried to contain all of the anger. It literally affected my health seriously as an adult. Thanks Again Petra Luna for those words of wisdom, for all of your kindness, efforts and contributions. Also the the PLF where I KNOW I will always find support; and have a place to try to help others as I grow stronger. My personal relationship with God is what kept me from going off the deep end all of these years; I have no doubts that Petra's role in my life was no accident. God's plan is perfect, He uses us in ways we never could imagine. Male Abuse Awareness and Support has really opened my eyes to a greater understanding. God bless all. If you are a guy and want to talk with someone, first be sure to call 911 if you are suicidal; get professional help. But I am always available: Rev Darrell

Bill said:   December 8, 2010 8:20 am PST
I am a Male Survivor of rape, sexual abuse and molestation. You have done such a great job with the website and I am grateful that our voices are being heard. Keep up the good work!

Patrice said:   December 1, 2010 4:40 pm PST
Im really Proud to see all these sites going up on Male Abuse .And Im Proud to have been a Part of it .Good Luck with All you do!!

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