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This page is here to show potential donors and contributors that Male Abuse Awareness is an important cause and that it should continue unabated.  The only way to evaluate the effectiveness of the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign, and its efforts to help young men and boys who have or are experiencing some type of abuse, is by having YOU come and leave your opinions here at this site.  We also welcome the opinions of supporters of this cause.  Please answer one, any, or all of the questions in the comment section below.

Was the site helpful?

Did the site inspire you to report or think about reporting your abuser?

Did the site inspire you to report a case of child abuse that has not been reported?

Did the site inspire you to report an abuser that hurt you in the past (even though your statute of limitations date has passed) but has potential to hurt someone in the present day?

Did the site inspire you to seek help for your own past abuse?

Did the site inspire you to encourage a young guy that you know who was or is being abused to check out the site, in the hope that he will eventually seek help?

Did the site inspire you to volunteer to help the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign that is held every December 1st through 8th?

Did the site inspire you to donate services or monies to the cause to help young males?

If you run or work for an Abuse Victim Service Provider Organization, did the site inspire you to encourage your organization to develop and provide confidential, specialized services to these particular victims?

Did this site change your opinion about the “taboo” subject of males being abused?

Was the site effective, in general, in serving its purpose: to encourage abused young males to seek help early before they go down the destructive paths in life that abuse can create, as well as to inspire more organizations to reach out and help these special victims of abuse?

If you come across news articles, videos, or any interesting information on this subject, please send those and any ideas you may have to help this site and cause to

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting a great cause! PL

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Patrice said:   November 15, 2009 9:31 pm PST
When a woman is violent and abusive in a relationship, it is not necessarily assumed that she is a bad mother. If a man is violent towards his partner, it is automatically assumed that he is an unfit parent. The law presumes that the children are almost always better off with their mother. Consequently the only options for men seem to be to put up with the abuse or to leave the home, since under the law there is no real protection for them. If a male victim seeks help, society should offer the same protection and help to him and his children as is given to female victims. Women should be judged by the same standards as men, and women who are violent should be held legally responsible for their actions. Another issue that prevents men from reporting abuse is a lack of resources, which may be real or imagined. Many domestic violence services are aimed mostly at helping a female population. While the broader term "domestic violence shelter" is becoming more common, many shelters are still known colloquially as "battered women shelters." Legally, many of these community resources are supposed to help male victims as well as female, but there may be resistance for them to do so. Even if these support services do cater to men, abused men may feel as though they are not welcome there because of the primarily female population. Violence is not a gender issue â?? it is a human issue. Wives attack husbands about as often as husbands attack wives. And wives attack first about as often as husbands attack first, which is strong evidence that women's assaults on men can't be explained away simply as self-defense.1 But battered women's advocates were intent on portraying domestic violence as something only men do and only women suffer from. So they'd conveniently leave out the part about women's assaults on men check out my site stop male abuse @myspace

Alice said:   November 3, 2009 11:25 pm PST
Thank goodness there is someone who is trying to bring awareness to the issues of males and sexual abuse. It is long past due and everyone must face the problem. Society pays a much greater price in the end.

Darrell said:   November 2, 2009 10:31 pm PST
The site is really coming together...WOW, the videos are so powerful; it really reaches deep down into my soul and memories. The hurt, the fears, the confusions...wondering if I was meant to be. I can only imagine the pain of those men and boys whe suffered much worse abuse than did I. I attempted suicide twice at the age of 14; became a cutter...and the impact of the pain has affected me for over 40 years. Trouble with jobs, society, feeling so horrible about myself for so many years. I sincerely believe that all of this was to bring me to a point of understanding of others; that's why I'm so passionate about trying to help others. This site is IT! It tells the stories, it expresses the feelings men normally cannot experess. What a poweful way to tell the stories that most don't know about how men can suffer terribly too. I do get emotional, but I've learned to deal with it and move forward with the strength of God in my life, and knowing the needs of millions; hoping I can make a difference. After getting involved in advocay for the abused, I realized it would be beneficial to others for me to share my personal stories; knowing that my family members and friends are most likely to see it. This is one of the many reasons I held all of it in for so many years, to keep those close to me from knowing. But now that I've published my stories on various sites, I feel such a relief. What can I say?? This is IT! God bless you all.

Clifford said:   October 28, 2009 11:57 am PST
As always petra you have done a great job with this site.

Darrell Matthews said:   October 25, 2009 8:27 pm PST
I've through the site and I feel the stories/videos of celebrity survivors is very powerful. I believe every aspect of this site can be beneficial to male survivors and their loved ones. Through the Male Abuse Awareness programs already established by the PLF I began to put together the affects of childhood abuse in my adult life. Furthermore I have been inspired to help other male victims/survivors of abuse, as well as to begin sharing my stories of abuse and being bullied with others to hopefully let them know that it is OK to speak out. Awareness in this cause is imperative to start the process of ending the cycle of abuse. I have come terms with my past abuses, and now have a much better understand as to why I am here today signing this guest book.

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