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Participate in MAAW

Nonprofits, Industry Professionals and Advocates

This campaign is meant to show that the anti-abuse world is standing in solidarity with the plight of abused males and that our like-minded community is here to find solutions to the problem of getting males to come forward for help and provide these unique victims the specialized treatment they will accept and be willing to take part in. To get involved we listed some things below;

  1. Contact Barbara at the P. Luna Foundation today and let’s talk about promoting the cause to help abused males, how we can partner in this important effort and how you can help make Male Abuse Awareness Week a success, break the silence, and get more males into your organization to get the help they need.  We welcome all ideas and suggestions.
  2. If you are not already listed on our many Male Services Pages (see the Get Help tab on our site menu,) contact us today to get your cause related, reputable organization, small business, web site, blog etc. listed ASAP.
  3. Represent the Male Abuse Awareness Week Campaign Dec. 1-8 by asking us to give you links to videos, images and articles that you can publish on your web site, and add to your own newsletters and social networking sites during November and December.  Or, you can just grab whatever you need right off this web site.  You have our permission.

How an Individual can Participate in and Promote Male Abuse Awareness Week

  1. If you suspect the abuse of any child, it is your moral obligation to report these crimes to the proper authorities.
  2. If you see an adult being abused, reach out and ask if they would like help.  If they are male, send them to our Male Services Pages here at this web site.
  3. You can support Male Abuse Awareness Week, December 1 – 8, by representing the cause and awareness of male abuse during that particular week. Some suggestions are; posting photo images and MAAWeek videos to your web sites and/or interactive, web page walls from December 1st-8th. You can request these codes by contacting us, or you can grab any of the images and/or videos here on this web site.  You have our permission.
  4. Contact Us and request to become valued a P. Luna Foundation Volunteer!

Everyone can recite or post our Public Service Announcement (or PSA)

“Male Abuse Awareness Week December 1st through 8th is a campaign determined to represent male victims of child abuse. Together we can break the silence of boys and men being abused, and stress that THIS topic is as important as discussing the impact of child abuse on their female counterparts. The more people are willing to discuss this taboo subject, the more likely the young males who need treatment will be inclined to step forward and finally accept the help they need and deserve. For more information on the P. Luna Foundation and Male Abuse Awareness Week, go to