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Male Sexual Abuse

Oprah – Adult Men Molested As Children
My Dirty Little Secret
What Is MaleSurvivor? 
Shatterboy: Men Surviving Sexual Abuse
Incest – A Family Tragedy Documentary by Edward Blackoff
My Name Is Chris
Proving Past Sexual Abuse
Male Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse/Boys And Men Healing Film Excerpts

Why More Services Are Needed For Male Abuse Victims

Man Accuses Wife Of Abuse, Calls For More Male Abuse Help
Male Sexual Abuse Victim Speaks Out Marae Investigates
Male Sexual Abuse Effects
Male Sexual Abuse
Problems? Drugs And Alcohol Are No Solution! Get Help!

Domestic Violence

Women Abusing Men
Abused Men
Domestic Violence Abusive Woman
ViolenceIsViolence: Domestic Abuse Advert Mankind
Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public
Ian’s Hell As A Male Domestic Abuse Victim
Male Victims of Domestic Violence – The Hidden Story

Emotional Abuse

Jealous Abusive Woman
Child Emotional Abuse
“I’m not like you” (A child abuse story)
Men Under Emotional Abuse Part 1 of 4
Emotional Abuse РWomen Abusers 


Stop Bullying: Speak Up Special Presentation
Bullied Boy Battles Back
A God Encounter – BJ Guimbellot’s Story
“Life Gets Better” – PSA: Stop Suicide and Bullying (Short Film)
San Diego Teen Commits Suicide After Bullying Over Embarrassing Video
Jonah Mowry: ‘Whats Goin On..’

Male Abuse In The News

Teen Accused of Using Facebook to Abuse Boys
Penn State Scandal – Did Paterno Cover for Sandusky?
Foster Children Abused + Missing Over 10 Years – Colorado, Texas
Abuse in the Regensburg Cathedral Boys Choir – European Journal
Abused Boys Speak Out
Bishop Eddie Long Accused Of Sex Abuse – News Conference

Male Abuse In Music

The Little Boy Never Did Stand A Chance by Ralph Jones
Adam by Petra Luna
Kell – Abused Boys Dance
Mickey’s Side Of The Story (Subject of Male Rape)