Why Male Abuse?

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Why Male Abuse?

Why Not?

Everyone is aware that a large number of young females are sexually abused. Unfortunately, the same awareness is not present concerning young males.

The popular Department of Justice Statistic states that at least 1 in 6 males are sexually assaulted before their 16th Birthday. Millions more have suffered from physical and emotional abuse. The abuse of males is significantly un-reported because the victims rarely self-identify out of shame.

As a result, most male victims fail to receive restorative trauma and informed mental health services. Unresolved childhood male trauma in adulthood leads to high rates of substance abuse, low self esteem, sexual identity confusion, lingering mental health problems, anxiety, depression, profoundly impaired intimacy skills, sexual offending behaviors and suicide.


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I congratulate Petra Luna Show on their work with victims of Domestic Violence.❞ –Kenneth E. Austin; P.A.W.S. Grace Foundation



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