This page is here to show potential donors and contributors that Male Abuse Awareness is an important cause and that it should continue unabated.  The only way to evaluate the effectiveness of the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign/ web site, and its efforts to help young men and boys who have or are experiencing some type of abuse, is by having YOU come leave your comments and opinions here at this site.

Read our Archived Comments to get some ideas on what to say or if you are still not sure;

Please answer one, any, or all of these questions in the comment section below.

  • Was the site helpful?
  • Did the site inspire you to report or think about reporting your abuser?
  • Did the site inspire you to report a case of child abuse that has not been reported?
  • Did the site inspire you to report an abuser that hurt you in the past (even though your statute of limitations date has passed) but has potential to hurt someone in the present day?
  • Did the site inspire you to seek help for your own past abuse?
  • Did the site inspire you to encourage a young guy that you know who was or is being abused to check out the site, in the hope that he will eventually seek help?
  • Did the site inspire you to volunteer to help the Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign that is held every December 1st through 8th?
  • Did the site inspire you to donate services or monies to the cause to help young males?
  • If you run or work for an Abuse Victim Service Provider Organization, did the site inspire you to encourage your organization to develop and provide confidential, specialized services to these particular victims?
  • Did this site change your opinion about the “taboo” subject of males being abused?
  • Was the site effective, in general, in serving its purpose: to encourage abused young males to seek help early before they go down the destructive paths in life that abuse can create, as well as to inspire more organizations to reach out and help these special victims of abuse?


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5 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I am a female survivor of child sex abuse, I have met many women and men who have suffered the effects of childhood trauma. The men I have known who were abused as a child have struggled in various ways. The love of my life has a terrible checkered past, details he has shared have been very minimal so far and absolutely horrific. He has inspired me to read books on male survivors of abuse and to reach out to any groups as sources of help and to gain the knowledge of how to love him uninvasively until he is ready to start the difficult journey to healing. It is extremely unfortunate that men survivors are stigmatized and most likely to remain silent about the abuse they endured. I want to help educate the public on how detrimental and damaging child abuse is for both genders, making people stop living in the dark and acting ignorant and oblivious to the much too common victimization of innocent boys and girls. This organization gets my full support as we all battle together to educate the public and help these men heal so they can live a life they were originally robbed of. Keep up the effort, I will spread the word about your organization.

  2. Hello:

    I found your site via a resource link on another site. However, that link took me to your old URL.

    I am an activist on this issue and was hoping that I might be able to discuss some opportunities to network/work together in the future.

    Would greatly appreciate it if someone from the organization could drop me an email when they have a moment.

    Thank you!

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