About M.A.A.W.

Male Abuse Awareness Week December 1-8

Every December 1st through 8th is Male Abuse Awareness Week.

MAAW is an awareness campaign started by the P. Luna Foundation in 2008 and this website is an extension of that program.  This program’s main focus is to change the negative social stigma that goes along with the topic of males who are victims of sexual or emotional abuse and domestic violence.

Most abused males avoid therapy and treatment because they are too ashamed or afraid of being judged for doing so. By bringing the subject to light once a year we hope to make this topic more socially acceptable and in return more men will feel comfortable enough to seek the help they desperately need but in many cases avoid.

Since the awareness campaign’s inception in 2008 we have had several men 25+ who were victims of past abuse break their silence in order to inspire younger men into getting treatment. We have seen more and more celebrities come forward and many more news stories reporting on males who are victims of abuse.


Our Annual Videos